Stand Back and Deliver: Accelerating Business Agility

SBD_CoverArtFinalI collaborated with Pollyanna Pixton, Niel Nickoliasen, and Todd Little on Stand Back and Deliver: Accelerating Business Agility  published by Addison Wesley in July, 2009

Book Abstract
What do leaders need to do to optimize effectiveness in their organization? This ‘How To’ book provides leaders with proven, immediately usable frameworks and processes that leaders can use to deliver results. The authors make extensive use of their own hands-on experience and case studies to engage readers and provide a roadmap for success.

Book Summary
Today’s global and complex markets have narrow market windows, fast-paced cycle times, and low tolerance for mistakes. Companies have discovered that iterative methods can address these needs. But how do leaders ensure they are delivering the right results? In this dynamic environment, leaders ask: “How do I keep my company from spiraling into chaos?” “How do we make better business decisions?” and “Are we doing the smart stuff and not doing the stupid stuff?”

In this book, the authors offer a set of tools leaders can use to address their company’s immediate needs for leading change: strategy, deciding what the right thing is to do and when, and how to manage risk and deliver complex and uncertain projects. Combining collaboration with these tools, leaders create organizations that embrace change. With the direction defined and communicated, leaders stand back and guide the organization to deliver external and internal results.

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Coming Soon: Beyond Requirements, the book

In December 2011, I signed a publishing agreement with Addison Wesley to write a book focused on raising the level of business analysis with the working title Beyond Requirements (sub title TBD).

Book Summary
Beyond Requirements explores how teams can use business analysis practices and techniques to understand the problem to solve, and identify and implement appropriate solutions.  The book does not aim to describe in great detail how to do well known analysis practices and techniques, rather it focuses on when and how to apply them as well as identifying ideas from outside the business analysis domain, such as from entrepreneurship that can also be used to understand the problem space and identify and implement solutions.

If you would like to provide feedback on the drafts of Beyond Requirements, please contact me.

Beyond Requirements, the blog

I post regularly at on topics related to raising the level of business analysis.  I also post supplementary information to my presentations there, so keep an eye out for the newest thoughts.

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